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Xcite Audiovisuals is proud to announce our recent partnership 2 GiG, Monitronics and Alarm.com to offer you peace of mind with home security and monitoring systems. Helping you safeguard your home and your families is an area we feel is important and are excited to provide. Below are just a few of the reasons we feel that a home security and monitoring system are the right fit for everyone.

1. Protect your valuables – rest easy knowing your property and your family are secure and someone is there to help if needed.

2. Deters Crime – although this does not prevent crime, studies show that most criminals will move on if they see your home is being monitored.

3. Gives you remote access to your home – control your system from your everyday smart-phone or tablet.

4. Help to lower your home owners insurance – installing a security and monitoring system can lower you home owners insurance by up to 20%. With packages starting at $34.99 per month, your insurance savings will almost cover the cost of your monitoring.

5. You receive unauthorized entry, fire or carbon monoxide detection notices – police, fire and rescue are alerted immediately when there is an issue, no phone call needed.

6. Keep an eye on your kids while you are away – with interior and exterior cameras you can see what’s happening when you’re not at home by logging into your cloud based account.

7. Helps reduce energy cost – control your thermostat and lights while you are away from any web-enabled device.

8. Peace of Mind – again, rest easy knowing that your home, and most importantly your family, is safe and comfortable.

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