AV employed in Aerospace

When United Launch Alliance settled on Centennial CO for its new design center and corporate headquarters, we at Xcite Audiovisuals were honored to be chosen as the AV systems integrator for the Operations Center’s display wall: the AV nexus of a huge amount of data that had to be timely, legible and dependable. The project demanded an extremely high level of quality (in a field that requires 100% mission success) and an incredibly challenging timeline for completion.

United Launch Alliance (ULA) is the nation’s rocket company, designing, building and launching rockets that deliver critical payloads to space for the Department of Defense, NASA and other commercial customers. Nearly every month, ULA conducts at least one launch, and we had three months to have the new headquarters re-established and running smoothly. This required full integration of vast data streams from sites in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, California, Texas and elsewhere, as the company oversees payloads worth hundreds of The design/integration/ installation team at ULA’s new Operations Center. The display wall streamlines weather, telecommunications and national security satellite launch services data, as well as that of deep space and interplanetary exploration missions. www.ITAVReport.com Fall 2012 27 government millions, sometime billions of dollars. More importantly, these payloads support our nation’s critical military forces in harm’s way, and provide the most cutting-edge space science from around our solar system.

For ULA and its customers, failure is not an option. To achieve this level of integration, all while planning for the following month’s launch, we knew that data had to be shared in a clear and immediate way. When Technology Plus designed the system for the Operations Center display wall at ULA’s new complex, it was with this necessity for flexibility and fidelity in mind.

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