Andrew Stephens

Residential Sales Designer

Andrew exhibits enthusiasm and professionalism when meeting with clients in their homes. He utilizes a consultative approach to ease our customers and ensure they receive a solution that best fits their families. Andrew has an extensive amount of experience and brings the customer’s visions to a reality. Andrew also focuses on a high level of customer service and follow up, which in these times can sometimes be diluted with other companies. He defines our mission statement.

Andrew shows a strong dedication to manifesting and maintaining relationships with our Custom Home Builders and contractors. He communicates often with detail to maintain project timelines and satisfies expectations. The number one goal is to make our partners ”Look Good!” in the face of the homeowner and customer.

The project is not over until the customer is completely satisfied. Andrew addresses every concern during and after the project to ensure this.

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Xcite's Mission

“To provide and maintain an elite and exceeded level of Customer Service through timely follow-up and an enthusiastic approach to sales to Every Customer, Every Time.”

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