Javier Serrano

Residential Systems Designer

Javier is passionate about residential design, ensuring projects incorporate both functionality and esthetics for builders and homeowners. He possesses a unique and valuable skillset that builders and owners find extremely beneficial – first as the installer, then as the programmer and now as the sales engineer, he applies all 3 disciplines to ensure a smooth project plan is executed with the Xcite team. Every step of the process is in consultation with the builder and/or owner, to ensure they are bought in to the cost-effective solution that encompasses their needs and wants.

Javier knows all stakeholders need to be involved in the approval process for any project. He communicates often with builders for upcoming projects, installation requirements and any changes/improvements to installation timelines so everyone is informed. In turn, he communicates those plans and any changes internally to the Xcite team to keep projects on time and within budget. Because of his detailed knowledge of the design and installation process, he has revamped the notes for residential installers to make them easier to implement, allowing the Xcite team to seamlessly manage the installation. These details allow our partners to shine, which is the ultimate compliment to Javier and the entire Xcite team.

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